Thoughts on social media in my personal life

In recent months, I have felt even more addicted to social media than I have in the past. Social media has allowed us to spread news, thoughts, and our lives with more people than ever, however at what cost?

For me, the most time spent is on Instagram. The hours I spend scrolling through useless content on Instagram is embarrassing, and I feel ashamed after starting at my phone for too long, yet always pick it back up again. I can feel myself being unproductive the second I open the app, but it is so difficult to avoid it. Instagram also gives us that false reality of the lives of those around us. My self-esteem reduces when I see other people living their lives more vibrantly than I, or with better clothes, or more parties, the list is endless. It is known that social media is not reality, but when we scroll through this content for hours a day, it feels like it is.

I believe social media is positive when sending a message, to share a story, or promote a purpose. As a 20-something year old, that is not the bulk of what I post, or what my friends post. Endless vacation pictures, couple posts and selfies aren’t necessary for the world to see, but they are oh so addicting. Instagram is a way to validate our lives through likes and comments, and we feel good about ourselves based off of the jealously of others. This cycle fuels a huge part of social media, and I don’t understand why we always go back to it. We use it to beat ourselves up, while simultaneously lifting ourselves up.

I am disappointed in myself for how often I mindlessly open Instagram, and then all of a sudden 20 minutes has passed. Was I that unhappy or bored with what I was doing that I felt the need to turn to the screen? Or was I that interested in what other people were doing? Why does this matter so much?

This morning I took it upon myself to delete the Instagram and Facebook apps off of my phone, but my accounts still exist. I kept Snapchat, because I genuinely use Snapchat to communicate with friends, and Snapchat stories have become somewhat irrelevant in comparison to Instagram stories. I am going to go a few weeks and see how I feel afterwards, and likely redownload the apps, but mindfully try to use them significantly less.

Amanda Weber